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Possibly the most powerful male singer-songwriter signed up to Searchlight this year. This guy has LUNGS. And LYRICS. For fans of Dan Mangan, Patrick Watson, and Bon Iver.
- Grant Lawrence, CBC Music

Loop pedals, guitars, a violinist and a couple of horn players lend the album a miniature indie folk-rock orchestra vibe that’s very pretty but most effective when the band eases up a bit before going full throttle. At its best, the record immerses you in its nostalgia and makes you believe its fictions are real.
- Sarah Greene, NOW Toronto

It's all heart, built on acoustic guitar, with subtle adornments throughout, from muted horns to airy strings to well-deployed percussion, everything there to add a little more emotion or drama.
- Bob Mersereau, CBC

"American Fiction" is an album to savour and to sink into. There are some sublime musical moments and each play reveals more to the listener.
- Paul Kerr, Americana UK

I'd listen to just about anything LePoidevin put his name to, but an album this ambitious is especially satisfying.
- Lindsay Bird, The Coast Halifax

American Fiction is the kind of record that creeps on you subtly but powerfully; you can’t help but be drawn in.
- Ken Kelley, HERE Weekly NB

LePoidevin is winning over fans with his earnest voice and lyricism, for sure, but he's all the more intriguing for his composition with a loop pedal that captures his acoustic instruments one layer at a time.
- Vish Khanna, Exclaim!

Through his life, character and music, LePoidevin shows us, more than tells us, how to find strength forging our own path, singing our wounds to sleep and finding comfort in loving what we once feared.
- Nereida Fernandes, Exclaim!

If you're in the mood for the kind of melancholy that comes with long nights and cold mornings, you could easily do worse-the introspection and picture painting on moon wolves is top-notch storytelling.
- Bryan Birtles, VUE Weekly

At the Gazebo, Pat LePoidevin is spooling loops of guitar and fiddle. There is something of a rapids in the way he sings: his convictions do not slow him.
-DCMF Listener, Dawson City Music Festival

Like his indie-folk songs, Pat LePoidevin is unique. This isn’t a disparaging comment meant to relegate him to the type of musician who can never play outside a coffee shop; rather it is a compliment on both his music and personality.
-Spencer Brown, BEATROUTE

The most captivating moments are when it is just LePoidevin and his ukulele, and watching him gradually build a layered backtrack with a loop pedal. The beautiful song "You Know Your War," displays LePoidevin’s talent for effectively looping his vocals, into an ethereal and dreamy three-part vocal harmony.
- Angela Yen, UBC Discorder

A big boyish-looking friendly guy, quiet, coming off as humbly thankful in the best possible way, Pat's powerful voice and passionately heart-hitting lyrics gently shock and awe any enthusiastic listener into a genuine kind of man-I-gotta-get-this-guy's- album feeling.
- Ryan Ringer, Broken Pencil Magazine